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ROCKBROS HELMETS. Unisex helmet made of ultra-light and resistant material PC + EPS of high quality, with anti-insect mesh. It has a comfortable and lightweight design ideal for all types of cycling (mountain, urban, road, etc.).

FEATURES. Adjustable from 57 cm to 62 cm. Made of PC + EPS to provide the best protection and safety, it is extremely light (278 gr) and comfortable. It has anti-insect mesh.

STRONG AND ADJUSTABLE: The RockBros Urban Bike Helmet is adjustable from 57 to 62 cm, making it ideal for men or women. The material is PC + EPS is lightweight and shockproof, it has safety certifications.

SPECIFICATIONS: Includes a RockBros Urban Helmet for adjustable cycling of 278 grams.

The Rockbros Urban Helmet is ideal for all types of cycling thanks to its ergonomically molded composition. Lightweight and shockproof unisex design, made with PC + EPS plastic material. Contains design for ventilation and anti-insect mesh. This helmet is adjustable from 57 cm to 62 cm and weighs only 278 grams. The RockBros brand has managed to develop high-end accessories at affordable prices. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)