Clay container in the shape of a hen with lid Light Blue

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This curious and beautiful hen is made of clay and hand-painted by the talented hands of artisans from the Oaxaca region. Perfect for decorating your kitchen, its bowl-shaped interior can be used to store salt, sugar, spices, grains and even small items such as paper clips or jewelry.
Each hen is a unique and authentic piece that will beautify your spaces. Made
completely handmade and with love by the artisan creators, it will give your kitchen a stunningly original touch.
● Handmade.
● Hand-painted..
● Premium quality clay, matte glazed.

6.5" high (only the bowl and the 2.5" high lid are 4" high). 5" diameter at the bottom.

CAUTION: Not dishwasher safe. Clean with a mild cleaner and cold water. Can be wipe with a damp towel.