XBROW® eyebrow enhancer serum

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  • Stimulates eyebrow growth
  • Increases volume and thickness
  • Strengthens, nourishes and repairs


  • Apply every day before sleeping on your eyebrows, with your face without makeup.
  • Results after 30 days of daily use.
  • Reduce use to 4 times a week after 60 days.

Active ingredients: 

  • Mistroli Pentapeptide-17: stimulates keratin production in hair follicles.
  • High-concentration hyaluronic acid: moisturizes the skin and promotes the growth process.
  • Succinic acid: antioxidant with anti-aging properties.
  • Plant stem cell extract: nourishes the eyebrows and boosts their growth.


Contents: 6 milliliters

Approximate duration: 6 months